Practice Fees


Bulk Billing is available to patients with a valid Medicare Card or a DVA Card (this includes sighting the medicare card, sighting the photo of the patients medicare card, sighting the a Medicare slip)

Please note Dr Dalley Bulk Bills Patients with Concession or Pension Card and Under 16 Years old

Fee Structure

You may be charged a fee without a valid medicare card.

Standard Consult:  $70

Long Consult: $110

Prolonged Consult:  $150

Fees - Treatment Room Fee

Depending on the Procedure/Work Performed there may be a Treatment Room charge starting from $10 to $50.

Fees - Forms

Fees are payable for completion of any Forms, Sports Clearance, Commercial Licenses. Fees start from $150

Pre-Employment Check

Pre-Employment health checks are offered at the Practice.  Fees start from $150 and can vary depending on the complexity and tests required.



With Telehealth now available at the Medical Centre, Pathology and radiology results can be discussed over the phone by booking a Telephone appointment with the Doctor. Results cannot be emailed due to to medico-legal reasons and to ensure patients confidentiality.  Glossodia Medical Practice operates a recall system for patients undergoing clinical investigations.  Patients may be contacted and asked to see the doctor who initiated the request.

The procedure is that, to obtain the outcome of any of your results your are required to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE DOCTOR

Practice nursing staff will contact all patients who are having INR testing and advise of management plan of their medication when results have been received and and reviewed by the Doctor.

Non Attendance/Cancellation Policy- $25.00*

Due to an increase in the number of non attendance and late cancellations from July 2021 GMP has introduced the following fees:

Non-Attendance - from $25*

Late Cancellations - within 2 hours of standard consult from $25. 

Payment must be paid before any future appointments can be fulfilled.

Increased fees may apply according to the length of the appointment.